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Dream Classroom Layout

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-08-24
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The below great-looking classroom layout is designed in EdrawMax. The courtyard and lab table will allow for each student to have experiences with personal exploration, the computers will enable them to perform research, the various tables allow for individual work as well as small and large group work, and a cozy corner with science books as well as books to read for fun. The room's highlights are the garden and courtyard, the lab table, and the collaborative working environment. This room reflects the needs of the learners because it will allow me to create multitudinous learning experiences that meet the needs of all the students; it allows for hands-on activities, research and exploration, individual work and group work, and experiences with the plant as well as animal life. All of these tools will provide meaningful learning experiences that meet the needs of the curriculum in a fun and exciting manner.
Classroom Layout
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