High School Schedule
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High School Schedule

Daily Schedule

7: 55-8: 55 Homeroom ELA

9:00-10:00 Specials

10: 05-11: 05 Einish Homeroom ELA

11: 10-12: 10 Mrs. Dankworth‘s Class ELA

12:10-12:25 Recess

12:25-12:55 Lunch

1: 00-1: 30 Social Studies(Homeroom)

1:30-2:30 POPS

2: 35-3:35 Einish Mrs. Dankworth's Class ELA

publish time: 2021-08-24

The school schedule diagram showcases a list of all classes being offered in an instructional period. It includes information about the day, time, and place. Students need to know about the class, including different instructional components and notes containing information. It will not be wrong to say here that the school reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstance may require, including but not restricted to, the addition, deletion, and changing of courses and course sections, the substitution of instructors teaching a particular course or course section, and the changing of the location of various course sections. Several complex tools unnecessarily complicate the design of the school schedule diagram. So instead of using highly paid software, designers are advised to use EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online.

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