School Preparation Checklist
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School Preparation Checklist



口Be who you

口 It's okay to be different

口 Do wear new underwear.

Don't wear it on your head

口 Wash your hands

口 Do use a tissue to wipe your nose

Don't use your finger.

口 Wash your hands again

口 Do eat all the food on your plate.

Don 't put it in your hair.

口 Do smile at people.

Don't stick your tongue out at them.

口 Make new friends.

口 Be kind

口 Thank your teacher for being a teacher.

口 Don't be afraid

口 Do wear clean socks

Don't make anyone smell them

口 Learn as much as you can.

口 It's okay to make mistakes.


publish time: 2021-08-24

The back-to-school checklist diagram shows some empathetic messages that a parent or elder sibling can write down before the young kid goes back to school. Some empathetic messages could be: be who you are, it's okay to be different, do wear new underwear (don't wear it on your head), wash your hands, do use a tissue to wipe your nose, don't use your finger, wash your hands again, do eat all the food on your plate, don't put it in your hair, do smile at people, don't stick your tongue out at them, make new friends, be kind, thank your Teacher for being a teacher, don't be afraid, and others.

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