Customer Service Training Process
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Customer Service Training Process

Messaging Process

Client Problems

Who is your client? What are his/her problems?

What are his/her "top 10" questions?

1. How do I get started?

2. How do I get over the fear?

3. What if I fail?

4. How do I know I'm on the right track?

5. How do I find the money?


Business Story

Why are you helping people? What is your experience?

How does your experience/story connect to your ideal clients?

You used to be in client's shoes, so tell the story of exactly how you:

1. Got started

2. Got over fear


What client wants

to hear

What you want

to say




Client problem:

single at 35, unsure about the future and lonely, no date on the holidays, wants to have kids, doesn't want to end up alone,


Your story:

struggled for years to find the right person, went to many parties alone or as the third wheel, started wondering if you'd ever have children, started getting frustrated with:

"it will happen if you stop looking" advice, feeling like the Bridget Jones of the party, not knowing what to say or do on dates, not knowing how to find dates beyond Tinder, etc.

Lead magnet: 5 steps to find love after age 35

- how I stopped using Tinder and met someone better

- how I navigated places to go on a date after 35


Facebook ad: Find your lifelong love even if you're over 35

- Lead with your story as it relates to the lead magnet

publish time: 2021-08-26
Jennifer Wenzel

Here is a flowchart about the customer service training, from which you can learn how to talk with clients, and the stories of the brand. A flowchart is a graphical representation of steps of processes in chronological order. It is considered a generic tool since it has a wide variety of applications and can be used to illustrate several processes. For example, it can describe a project plan, service or an administrative process, or a manufacturing process. Learn more details from this flowchart, and try to make yours with ease now!

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