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Conceptual Framework on Nanotechnology

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Published on 2021-08-27
This is an illustration of a conceptual framework which is a reasearch diagram on Nanotechnology. A Conceptual Framework is derived from financial accounting reporting. This is the default option for objectively testing practical problems. A Conceptual Framework is a graphical representation that aids in the illustration of the predicted link between cause and effect in a financial environment. It is often referred to as a Conceptual Model or a research model. The model includes many variables and the expected connections between those variables, which reflect the expectations. This framework is a technique that is utilized prior to doing a study. As a result, a Conceptual Framework may be used as an analytical tool. It is used to distinguish between concepts and to bring together disparate ideas. Strong Conceptual Frameworks result in the actual accomplishment of the intended goal. Get the conceptual framework that you want here in EdrawMax!
Conceptual Framework
Research diagram
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Conceptual Framework on Nanotechnology
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