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TV Remote Jammer Circuit Diagram

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Publish time:08-30-2021
Basic Electrical
TV Remote Jammer Circuit is a very interesting circuit. Sometimes your need to stop the extra use of the remote then you can use this circuit. What is TV Remote Jammer? TV Remote jammer circuit is that type of jammer which blocks any type of TV remote signal. Basically, it is an IR jammer that sent a constant IR pulse to the receiver so it jams the remote signal, and the signal from the remote does not reach the receiver. This circuit is mainly based on 555 IC and IR LED which is used in this circuit. When we ON this circuit and placed it near the TV then the remote stop working. This happens because the 555 timer IC continuously pulsating the IR LED that stops the remote signal. Components Required - 555 IC 1k,470ohm Resistance 10k trim pot 2x1n4148 diode IR Led 2n2222a 10nf capacitor
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