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Proximity Sensor Circuit Diagram

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Publish time:08-30-2021
Basic Electrical
What is a Proximity Sensor? The proximity sensor is such type of sensor which detects the obstacles which come into the path. Generally, this proximity sensor work depends on two components i.e IR LED Photodiode IR LED is an infrared light emitting diode that is a solid state light emitting device that produces light in the infrared band of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Photodiode is a device that converts light into an electrical current when photons are observed in Photodiode. Working- In this proximity sensor circuit, heat waves are emitted by IR LED which is reflected by the object and Photodiode receives these waves and completes the circuit. Generally, we make this circuit by using an IC but here we are making it by only using a simple Transistor. Components Required- BC547 Transistor 100ohm resistance 220ohm resistance IR led Photodiode LED
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