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555 IC Dual LED Flasher Circuit Diagram

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Publish time:08-30-2021
Basic Electrical
Generally, we make a dual-led flasher using a transistor which confused a lot so we use a 555 IC to make this dual-led flasher circuit. This circuit is also known as the 555 IC LED flip flop circuit. What is a LED flip-flop circuit? LED flip flop circuit is such a circuit through which you can flash the two LEDs alternatively with the help of an IC i.e. 555 timer IC. You can use this to make a police light-led flasher project or you can use this circuit as a decorative. This alternatively glowing of two LED make it more interesting. Components Required- 555 IC 2x 220ohm, 1k, 100k Resistance 10uf capacitor 0.01uf capacitor 2x led 9V battery
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