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Touch Sensor Circuit Diagram

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Publish time:08-30-2021
Basic Electrical
Generally, we use a switch to ON or OFF any device but in this article we are going to get the basic information about such a circuit, through which you can simply ON or OFF a device by just simply touching and this doesn’t feel you bored. All the details linked to this circuit is give below, Such as Schematic diagram, components list. What is a Touch Sensor Circuit? Touch sensors work similar to a switch. When they are subjected to touch, pressure or force they get activated and acts as a closed switch. Only using 3 transistors you can create this circuit. Here am using a NPN Bipolar Transistor i.e. BC547. What Components Needed to make this Circuit? • NPN Transistor i.e. bc547 • 470 ohm Resistance • Any color Led • Connecting wires • 9V power source
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