Persuasion Map: School to Start Later
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Persuasion Map: School to Start Later


by: Valery

Schools to start later

My opinion is that schools start later as teenagers have different sleeping needs and habits. These needs and habits causes them to be rather unfocused and sleepy during lesson, if school starts before 8am, thus my reason for supporting later starting time in schools.


Students complain of not getting enough sleeping time.

Main Reason 1

Students attendance in school, daytime alertness, grades and depression are affecting by the starting time in school.

Main Reason 2

Every time compelling reasons, later timing could affect many others schedules.

Main Reason 3

1. Research in the 1900s states that teenagers naturally tend to stay up late at night and wake up late.

2. Sleep-promoting hormone in teenagers saliva only rises later at night and go down later in the day

3. Early starting time does not allow them to sleep in.

Facts of Examples

1. Later school start times couses the students to be more alert during the day.

2. Increased alertness allowed the students to concentrate more during lesson.

3. Getting better grades because of increased attention span during class time.

Facts of Examples

1. After-school activities would have to adjust their schedule to fit with the school's curriculum.

2. the adjusted timings may cut into the students after-school jobs.

3.Parents rely on the current start times for childrens and carpools, changing it will affect routines

Facts of Examples

For the benefit of the teenagers, later starting school time would be better. this would allow the students to get enough rest before attending school, letting them be more alert be it in the classroom environment or during the day. This would result in better academic and co-curricular activity grades.


publish time: 2021-09-08
Lisa Anderson

This is called a persuasion map. It is used to present arguments persuasively. This persuasion map is about why the schools should start later. The first part is the introduction part. Then it presents three reasons as to why schools should start later. After then, there are three facts and examples supporting the reasons stated above. At last, it presents the conclusion of the topic. It shows how it is necessary to start school later. The persuasion map is useful in debates and speeches. It helps to induce clear logic in students and how to persuade readers to accept their statements.

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