Concept Persuasion Map
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Concept Persuasion Map

Nursing actions for patient with a status change

Type of change

1. Mental

2. Physical

3. Metabolic

1. Time

2. Objective finding

3. Subjective finding

4. Exact and specific contributing information

The ability to compensate

1. The ability to maintain spontaneous respiration

2. The ability to maintain spontaneous circulation

3. The ability to maintain oxygenation and per fusion

1. Circulation

2. Airway

3. Breathing

4. Oxygenation and per fusion

1. The admitting diagnosis

2. The PMP

3. Recent and current events

1. Vital signs

2. Oxygen saturation

3. Finger stick and glucose

4. EKG/Monitor strip

Cowokers and facilitator

A report for the physician

1. The patient

2. Laboratory result

3. Diagnostic test result

1. Relapse of current problem

2. emergence of a new problem

3. an unexpected response to a medical treatment

Evaluate for

by category

and documenting

while rapidly assessing


and preparing

while obtaining

and assessing

Correlating changes with

while rapidly assessing


Concept Persuasion Map

publish time: 2021-09-08
Lisa Anderson

Given persuasion map is in the form of a flowchart. The type of change is evaluated for nursing actions for patients with a status change. By category, there are mental, physical, and metabolic changes. By documenting, they are time, objective finding, subjective finding, and exact and specific contributing information. The ability to compensate is defined while obtaining vital signs, oxygen saturation, finger stick glucose, and EKG/Monitor strip. It is also defined by notifying coworkers and facilitators and preparing a report for the physician. The ability to compensate is related to the ability to maintain spontaneous respiration, circulation, oxygenation, and perfusion while rapidly assessing circulation, airway, breathing, and oxygenation, and perfusion.

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