Personal Narrative Worksheet
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Personal Narrative Worksheet

My Small Moment topic

Set the Scene: Provide information the reader will need to understand your story.

Who in this story with you?

WhenWhere does it take place?

Emotions, feeling and reactions you want to share with your reader

Sensory Details

The Hook: Catch your readers attention with your first sentence.






Personal Narrative


publish time: 2021-09-08
Lisa Anderson

Here is an interactive narrative writing graphic organizer that uses the popular story mapping technique for helping kids better understand the elements of a story or book. This interactive template is much more than a standard organizer as it allows the user to set the scene, and mention sensory details, emotions, reactions, and more, to create the right setting for the narrative. Ideal for 3rd and 4th graders, the organizer features multiple spacious columns, including My Small Moment Topic, who is in the story with you, when/where it takes place, sensory details, hook, beginning, details, and conclusion. In short, it provides the opportunity to write a detailed narrative in the most hassle-free and playful manner.

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