Story Squence Graphic Organizer
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Story Squence Graphic Organizer

An old lady swallowed a bee

The old lady swallowed a caterpillar

She swallowed a pig

Finally, died of course

She swallowed a fish

She swallowed a cow

Story of The Old Lady

publish time: 2021-09-08
Lisa Anderson

This diagram is from a sequence chart graphic organizer. It shows a story in the form of a sequence of events. It is easy to learn and understand a story in the form of events. The story is about an old lady and, it is presented in steps graphically. This story is divided into six events. The old lady keeps on swallowing many animals. At the first event, she swallowed a bee. Then she ate up a caterpillar. Then she ate a pig. After then, she swallowed a cow. Then she ate a fish. And eventually, she died at last.

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