Middle School Lesson Plan
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Middle School Lesson Plan


Air Pressure Egg Plop (45-60 minutes)

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Sequence and Duration

· Lead In: 10 minutes

· Body Molecules: 10-15 minutes

· Inflating Balloon: 10 minutes

· Egg Plop: 10-15 minutes

· Closure:5-10 minutes

Age Level

Middle Schoo

Essential Question

How does air exert a force?

Learning Objectives

· TSW act out the motion of cool and warm air molecules.

· TSW predict and observe the behavior of a balloon/bottle setup in warm and cool water.

· TSW predict and observe the behavior of an egg/bottle setup

· TSW apply their understanding of air pressure to devise a means to remove an egg from a bottle

· TSW draw diagrams to represent their understanding of the phenomena they observe.

Other Objectives

· TSW engage in a discussion about air molecules and air pressure.

· TSW communicate with the group to develop a cooperative environment.

Key Terms

· Air pressure

· Equalize

· Dense

· High pressure

· Low pressure

Materials Needed

Teacher Demonstration-Inflating Balloon:

· Shallow, heat-safe pan

· Burner

· Balloon

· Glass bottle

· Oven mitt and potholder

· Second shallow pan (optional)

Activity-Egg Plop:

· Hard-boiled egg

· Napkin

· Jar or bottle with opening a little too small to let the egg pass through

· Match (or Lighter for the whole group)

· Scrap or strip of paper to burn(4"by 4"is sufficient)

Per Student

· Handout: Air Pressure Egg Plop worksheet

Middle School Lesson Activity

publish time: 2021-09-09

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