Harry Potter Event Timeline
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Harry Potter Event Timeline



Albus Dumbledore was born.

Gellert Grindelwald was born.




Gellert Grindelwald attended

Durmstrang institute. where he

learned about and became

obsesed with the three Deathly

Hallows: the Elder Wand,

Resurrection Stone, and Cloak of


Late Summer, 1899:

Albus Dumbledore, his brother

Aberforth, and Gellert Grindelwald

got into an arguement thet turned

into a three-way duel. The duel

ended when Albus's 14-year-old

sister Ariana was killed

Sometime Between

1988 and 1945

Spring or Summer, 1899:

Gellert Grindelwald was expelled

from Durmstrang and was sent to

live with his great-aunt, Bathilda

bagshot. He met and befriended

Albus Dumdiedore.

Gellert Grindelwald stole the Elder

Wand from wandmaker Mykew

Gregorovitch and won the wand's

allegiance. He then began his rise

to power and was considered the

darkesr wizard of this time.


Merope Gaunt (Tom Riddle's

mother) was born to a family of

Severe poverty. Merope, her father

(Marvolo Gaunt) were the

last liveing heirs of Salazar Slystherin.


Fall or Winter, 1925:

Merope Gaunt fell in love with a

handsome Muggle named Tom

Riddle and used a love spell to trick

him into marrying her.


Spring, 1926:

A pregnant merope Gaunt stopped

using magic to keep her husbabd's

affections. Freed of her spell, Tom

Riddle left Merope. Desperate for

money, she sold her only family

heirloom, Salazar Slystherin's locket,

to Boirgin and Burkes.

December 31, 1926:

Merope Gaunt gave birth to a son at

an orphanage and named him Tom

Marvolo Riddle. She died just hours

after giving birth to Tom.

1927 - 1938

Tom Riddle grew up in the

orphanage and used his magical

abilities to frghten the other kids. He

terrorized two fellow orphans inside

a cave while on a seaside outing

near the orphange.




September 1, 1926:

Tom Riddle entered hogwarts and

was sorted into Slytherin.

Tom Riddle learned about

Horcruxes, his Slytherin friends

became the first Death Eaters, and

he took on the name Lord

Voldemort. Tom convinced the ghost

of Ravenclaw house, Helena

Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem was



Spring, 1943:

Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of

Secrets and used the Basilisk within

the Chamber to terrify Students.

June 13, 1943:

The Basilisk Killed a student named

Myrtle Warren. Tom used Myrtle's

death to turn his diary into his first\

Horcrux. Her death almost shut

down Hogwarts so Tom had to stop

opening the Chamber. Tom

magically put his mermory into his

diary so that the Chamber could be

opened again in the future.

June 13, 1943:

Tom Riddle prevented the Closure of

Hogwarts by framing fellow student

Rubeus Hagrid to make it look like

Hagrid's pet acromantula Aragog

Was the monster from the Chamber

that killed Myrtle. This resulted in

Hagrid's expulsion, but not before

he set Aragog free, who was able to

escape into the Hidden Forest.

Summer, 1943:

Tom Riddle went to his mother's

home to learn about his heritage

where he met and was repulsed by

his Uncle Morfin. he then went to

Little Hangleton, murdered his

father and grandparaents, and

framed his uncle for their deaths.

He stole the last heirloom from the

Gaunt home, a ring with a stone

Tom wore the ring for

approximately one year.

Spring, 1943:

Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of

Secrets and used the Basilisk within

the Chamber to terrify Students.


Albus Dumbledore confronted

Gellert Grindelwald in what was

said to be the greatest duel of all

time. Dumbledore won the duel, the

Elder Wand, and the wand's


Tom Riddle graduated from

Hogwart and started work at

Borgin and Burkes. He was hired by

Burkes, the same man who bought

Slytherin's locket from Tom's mother

18 years earlier.



Tom Riddle used the murder of his

father to turn the Gaunt ring into his

second horcrux. unaware that the

ring held the Resurrection Stone.

Tom then hid the ring under the

floorboards of the abandoned and

rotted Gaunt home his mother grew

up in.

Tom Riddle traveled to the forest of

Albania and forund Rowena

Ravenclaw's hidden diagram. Tom

killed an Albanian peasant and

turned the diagram into his third



Tom Riddle met Hepzibah Smith

while working at Borgin and Burkes,

a witch who owned Helga

Hufflepuff's cup and Salazar

Slytherin's locket. Tom Killed

Hepzibah, stole the cup and locket,

and used Hepzibah's death to turn

the cup into his fourth Horcrux. He

then disappeared for ten years.

Sometime Between

1946 and 1979

Tom Riddle, now Lord Voldemort,

Killed a Muggle tramp to turn

Slytherin's locket info his fifth


Lord Voldemort returned to

Hogwarts and asked Headmaster

Albus Dumbledore for a job as

Defense Against The Dark Arts

teacher, Which Dumbledore denied.

Before leaving the castle Voldemort

hid the Ravenclaw diagram in the

Room of Requirements.




Timeline of Event

From 1881 to 1956

publish time: 2021-09-09
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J.K. Rowling created a vast universe for the world of Harry Potter, including a fairly comprehensive history. If you are confused about the time and everything that led to the current event, you can refer to this timeline, which introduces the key events in the Harry Potter series. The main story is about Harry's struggle with Voldemort. Voldemort is a dark wizard who intends to live forever. He overthrew the wizarding authority known as the Ministry of Magic and conquered all wizards and Muggles (non-magical people).

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