Cause and Effect Fishbone
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Cause and Effect Fishbone

Decreasing numbersof healthcare workersNo hazard payLimited PPEIncreasing numbers of deathsIncreasing numbersof confirmed casesNot following rulesand restrictionsPeople travel,work and play while sickNo work, no payLack of supplies for vaccinesLack of testingkits and facilitiesNo distinct vaccineShutdown of businessesContinouosly decreasingLack of alternative plansMisunderstandingsfrom other sectorsLack of solid plans from the governmentCorruptionCovid-19 in the PhilippinesGovernmentTesting/VaccinationPeopleCases/deathsEconomyFrontliners
publish time: 2021-09-15
Stella Mariz Lipata

This fishbone diagram is about Covid-19 in the Philippines. A fishbone diagram aids team members in visualizing the fundamental causes of a problem or situation, helping them to properly identify the issue rather than focusing on symptoms. It enables team members to decouple the substance of an issue from its history, allowing for team consensus on the problem and its causes.

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