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Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer

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Published on 2021-09-16
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This story map graphic organizer diagram is designed in a very attractive manner by using different shapes. It focuses on the main events or actions of the story. And also tells about the solution of the problems faced and the conclusion of the plot. There are seven labels in total that are exposition, rising action, climax, final action, problem, solution, and conclusion. The exposition gives us information about the characters and setting of the story. The rising action refers to the actions that lead to the climax of the story and builds tension in the story. The climax is the most interesting part of the story, it is the main turning point of the story. The final action is part that follows the climax, it eventually leads to the resolution of problems. The problem part tells about the problems faced by the protagonist of the story and the solution part describes the solution of those problems. The final result of all the events or actions that occurred in the plot is known as the conclusion.
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Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer
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