Facts and Opinions T Chart
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Facts and Opinions T Chart


  • A Statement that is true
  • A fact that is tested and proven
  • Examples of facts:
  • The sun is hot
  • B is the second letter in the alphabet
  • Friday is the day after Thursday


  • Someone's feelings or beliefs about a topic
  • Cannot be proven true or false
  • Key words associated with opinions:
  • Believe
  • Think
  • Should
publish time: 2021-09-16
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This particularly represents a T chart that showcases facts and opinions and the difference between the two. The T chart examines how a fact is a true statement while an opinion is a person's belief, understanding, or feeling about a particular topic. A fact is a statement that has been tested and proven to be true. Whereas no testing procedure can prove whether a person’s opinion is true or false. The T chart also lists examples of facts and opinions. Examples of facts, for instance, are that the sun is hot, the second letter of the alphabet is B, and the day after Thursday is Friday. To name a few examples of opinions, the T chart mentions keywords usually found in opinionated sentences- namely believe, should, and think.

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