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History Timeline Graphic Organizer

Publish time:09-16-2021
History Timeline Graphic Organizer helps you understand the historical event or incident better. Timeline graphic organizers are very useful to keep a record of dates and time periods for future reference and also useful to explain the history and implications to people looking at it. For example, the given diagram is a great example of the historical timeline graphic organizer of the establishment and development of technology throughout the world. As shown, the first apple computer was launched in the 1970s, which was available for the general public’s use. Later, tech companies like IBM and others followed suit in the 1980s by creating personal computers that are now called PCs. The world wide web was developed in the 1990s bringing a complete revolution in the tech industry. The 2000s brought out cell phones and the internet into everyone’s lives and in 2010. Tech became a necessity for us, like food, water, and shelter.
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