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Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer

Publish time:09-16-2021
This persuasive graphic organizer can be used for developing a persuasive stance when writing essays, speeches, or creating posters. It is an effective tool to persuade others so that they can understand your point of view or change their opinion about any topic. The graphic organizer can be used in classrooms for helping students formulate creative ideas by assisting them to select their thesis or goal, enter reasons for supporting the thesis, and then conclude the write-up by reinstating the thesis. The organizer starts with an introduction column where students can write an attention-grabbing beginning, issue description, and opinion statement. In the following three paragraph columns, they can write about three reasons and also include any evidence for supporting their argument. The organizer ends with the conclusion section where the students can reinstate their opinion, summarize the reasons, and add a call to action or closing statement.
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