Problem and Solution Worksheet
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Problem and Solution Worksheet

Problem and Solution

Draw a line to match the problem with the solution.


It was cold outside.

B. I Borrowed one from my friend

I forgot my homework book at home.

I lost my pencil

A. I put on a jacket.

C. I practied my words the next day

I had a high fever.

D. I bought it the next day.

My zipper broke on my coat.

E. My mom bought me a new coat.

J. My neighbours gave me a ride.

I did'nt study my spelling words.

I missed the bus

F. I wiped it with tissue

I forgot my lunch.

G. I bought lunch at school.

I feel on the playground and cut my knee.

H. The school nurse gave me a band-aid.

I spilled water on my desk.

I. I went to the doctor.

publish time: 2021-09-16
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These problem and solution worksheets involving story elements is an innovative way to help students understand day-to-day life problems and their solutions through engaging fictional story elements. The worksheet is divided into two parts- problems and solutions. On one side of the worksheet are ten different problems. On the other side, there are solutions to these problems that have been arranged randomly. Students are required to read and understand the problem from the first column and then match them with the correct solution in the second column by drawing a line. The worksheet is similar to match the column activities that are generally included in various course books. The worksheet develops the thinking and understanding skills of young students by encouraging them to find effective solutions to common problems.

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