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Spider Diagram of Website Design

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Published on 2021-09-16
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If you are planning to create a website, here is a spider map that can play a critical role in the planning phase. A typical website is made up of many different elements. The user-friendliness, appearance, and navigation of the website are some of the most vital elements of a website. A lot of thought and planning goes into getting these elements right and ensuring that they attract traffic. This website design spider map helps you turn your thoughts into action. When you start writing down your thoughts, you will see that your website starts taking a form and structure. The map features multiple sub-categories, like sub-pages, sidebar, header, and footer, which are further divided into various elements that should be present on your website. This spider map can be used for brainstorming website design ideas and provides you a framework based on which you can start designing your website.
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Spider Diagram of Website Design
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