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Graphic Organizer for Insect Research Papers

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Published on 2021-09-16
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This graphic organizer is for an insect research paper, where a student must enter everything related to the chosen insect. The graphic organizer starts with the name of the student and the name of the insect. However, this assignment is related to June Bug. After entering your name, you can start entering the details related to insect research—the boxes available inside this graphic help to know the basic information about June Bug. In the first box, you need to insert the details related to the eating habits of the insect. Then, you are required to capture a picture of the insect and paste it into the next box. The next box is dedicated to describing the outlook of that insect. In the fourth box, you are required to enter the food habits of the insect. The next box is related to knowing how the insect is born. In the last box, you can enter all the fun facts related to June Bug.
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