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Date Engineering BPMN

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Published on 2021-09-18
Swimlanes in BPMN are meant to convey the parts of a process done by different people or roles. There are three different areas categories in the below data engineering business process model and notation model. The 'Edge' is where data is generated. It is typically not in the same location as the Big Data infrastructure and, in the case of IoT, may not even be in a Data Center. The next lane here is 'Cleaning Etc,' where data events pass through this area when they are being checked for valid formats and personal private information. The last area is 'stream processing,' where we use the data retrieved from the 'Cleaning Etc.' This BPMN diagram starts with the top left event: something has happened, which we have measured. Rather than waiting for hours, with Streaming, we want to react to events pretty much as soon as they are generated, so there is almost no waiting around.
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Date Engineering BPMN
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