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Music Production BPMN

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Published on 2021-09-18
As one of the leading diagramming tools for businesses, EdrawMax or EdrawMax makes it easy to build any process modeling system, from the most elementary layouts to complex and sophisticated models. These free BPMN templates are 100% customizable and allow the user the freedom, which other high-paid tools fail to offer. The below diagram tries to stimulate the hiring process of a record label. The artist sends its new album to the record label, which will review it and decide if to approve it or not. If the record label approves it, they will prepare an interview to decide if to hire the artist or otherwise. If the album is not approved, they will reject it and then terminate the entire process. Once the interview or hiring process is completed, they can terminate the process or send an offer to the artist, which will then decide if they wish to accept it or not.
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