Sales Problem Relationship Diagram
Use immediately

Sales Problem Relationship Diagram

Tend to accept "think it

over's","get back to

me's" and/or "we'll let

you Know's

0 in 2 out

Not getting through

voice mail or gate


1 in 1 out

The prospects say they

have a better quote

1 in 1 out

Not asking the right

kind of ques tions in the

right way all the time

0 in 3 out

Can't turn around

negative or resistant


4 in 3 out

publish time: 2021-09-18
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Use EdrawMax to create an interrelationship diagram for your business needs. The free interrelationship diagram comes with hundreds of symbols and predefined templates that let you design the business relationship diagram as per your need. The best way to understand the factors affecting the sales problem is to create a relationship diagram showcasing the major factors. As the diagram represents, the major factors are the quality of product, the pricing of your product, the customer care service, quality of salespeople, budget for sales activities, lack of honest employees, and lack of collaboration across departments.

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