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Interrelationship Diagram Example

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Published on 2021-09-18
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An interrelationship diagram is a graphical tool used to demonstrate various relationships between factors, processes, areas, or other aspects. The arrows connecting the factors represent the 'Cause and Effect' relationship. For instance, "Poor Training Plan" has five outgoing arrows. The factor where an arrow begins is the cause whose effect is the factor where the arrow ends. Thus "Insufficient content" is the cause for the cause "Poor training plan." For each factor, the number of incoming and outgoing arrows are mentioned beside the respective boxes. It may be noticed that there are factors for which there is no incoming arrow, but only outgoing arrows. Such factors represent only a 'cause' and are not the 'effect' of any other factor (E.g., Poor Training Plan). Use EdrawMax to create an interrelationship diagram for your business needs. The free interrelationship diagram comes with hundreds of symbols and predefined templates that let you design the business relationship diagram as per your need.
Interrelationship Di
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