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How to Create a SIPOC Diagram

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Published on 2021-09-22
While the SIPOC diagram is easier than most complex business process analysis models, many organizations struggle with the basics. To help you understand how this diagram works, there is a simple example where the goal is to feed a dog. Starting with the ‘Suppliers,’ a grocery store would be required for purchasing dog food. The ‘Inputs’ for the same would be going to the grocery store and purchasing dog food before returning home. The ‘Process’ of feeding would be taking the dog food in a bowl and calling the dog. The ‘Output’ of this process would be dog eating the food and fertilizing the garden. So, the end-user or ‘Customer’ of this process is the dog, family, and the garden. This is precisely how complex business processes can be broken down into five categories for detailed analysis.
SIPOC Diagram
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