Flowchart of System's Environmental Factors
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Flowchart of System's Environmental Factors

INPUT:noodle ingredients (flour, egg, water, oil) other instant noodle ingredients (vegetable, meat, MSG) Self-heating pack (Chemical material) Package (Printed polystyrene cup& Printed polystyrene cover) Money (labor costs, inventory costs, etc.) Manufacturing plant Production machine (Compound roller, Slitter, Steamer, Dipping tank, Noodle cutter, Fryer, etc.) Labor in the production line Quality controller IT technicians Production controller Engineers (For any problems related to the machines for production) Professional knowledge Transportation service Energy (electricity, heat & solar energy) System Transformation Processes: Product design Print warning labels on packaging Production planning Marketing and Sales (Advertisement design) Continuous production system Quality and production checking (proportion and quality of food materials) Packaging Product analysis (revenue from retailing points) Storage Transportation system Feedback system System Outputs: A new instant cup noodle Pick-up service High-quality products Online service Environmental-friendly manufacturing process Advertisement Convenient and safety System’s Environmental Factors that are of concern and would impact to the system designed: Pollutants produced during the production process (water and air pollution) Environmentally-friendliness of materials used Harmfulness to the self-heating pack Monitoring and control method Use sensor to control the temperature and pressure of the process Make sure the machine is under healthy condition Check the material (input) storage and buy it when it is not enough
publish time: 2021-09-27
wong tsun hei

This is a flowchart about system's environmental factors. Temperature, food, pollution, population density, noises, light, and parasites are all environmental variables. Any abiotic or biotic element that impacts living creatures is referred to as an environmental factor, ecological factor, or eco factor. Ambient temperature, quantity of sunshine, and pH of the water soil in which an organism lives are all abiotic variables.

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