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Nature Conservation Infographic

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-09-28
This infographic shows impact of different positive steps that we can take to conserve nature. It has beautiful infographics to present different steps such as saving water, recycling waste, limiting fuel consumption, alternative energy sources, and use of electricity. Tree present nature. The infographics are to the point and in an organized arrangement thus very eye-catching. Then we have graphic elements that show how different steps can contribute to nature preservation with an icon to present the step and corresponding circle percentage chart. We also have space to elaborate further with text. At the bottom, we have a recycling chart that can be used to describe the recycling of different waste materials. These infographics are neat and the good color combinations. It has icons that can fit all kinds of nature conservation steps. The best feature is that it has spaces for text to further elaborate. These infographics can be used by NGOs. textbooks and articles on the environment.
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