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Publish time:09-28-2021
Music Infographic
First, we have an informative infographic about drums and their different parts. We also have few points which can be used to insert interesting and important information about drums structure and its importance in creating overall melody and music. I think a great source of information for a newbie who doesn’t know about drums. Then we have drums and other instruments with arrows bullets in different and beautiful colors. This can be used to highlight these instruments’ role in the construction of melody. it also has a circle percentage chart to show the corresponding use of these instruments in music. It is a great way to show the importance of different instruments in a visually easy to understand and appealing way. In the end, it also has arrow bullet points to compare different music instruments in different ways or give a concluding remark. These can be used by music schools to compare instruments, as a great information infographic for their students.
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