Understanding the Self Mind map
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Understanding the Self Mind map




1. Infancy

2. Early Childhood

3. Play age

4. School age

5. Adolescence

6. Young adult

7. Adulthood

8. Old age

Determines the personality of an individual on how they cope up to their dilemma.


When the mother is able to provide love, care and affection to the baby, the baby will feel safe, secured this will eventually lead to the baby developing trust to others. One perfect example of this is when a baby is crying and the only one who can can soothe her, is her mother. This represents her trust for her mother. The mother serves as her safe space. That is why the infant calms down when she feels close to her mother.


When a child is able to express control they eventually develop sense of independency.In this stage, they are exploring their abilities and skills. For example, when a child decided that she wants to ut on her clothes by herself this act serves as an example of act of autonomy.


In this stage the child starts to practice his/her interpersonal skills. They initiate interaction with others. For exaple in school, they play and interact with their classamates.


While exploring their abilities and skills, they are now developing competency. They are now discovering the feeling of confidence in achieveing something. As simple as doing a task or executing simple actions.

Identity Cohesion

In this stage, they are on a journey of finding out theirselves. Their beliefs, their values and who and what they want to be in the future. This is also where they might find themselves engaging in relationships that could alter their identity.


At this stage, we tend to give importance to our relationships. This might be in our family, or intimiate relationship with someone else. This can also be the relationship with friends.


In this stage they are establishing commitments to other people. Developing relationship with family and taking care of them. This is also the stage where they are already having kids. This is the time where we provide them of love and affection and prepare them to face life.

Ego integrity

At this point they are looking back if they lived a meaningful life. If they are happy with how their life turned out to be, then they would have peace. They would look back at their life accomplishments.


When a parent is neglecting the child and is not emotionally present, the child will not feel that he/she is safe. This will lead to the child having mistrust and doubts.

Doubt, shame

When a parent is not letting the child decide on his/her own, they will not get that sense of responsibility that they will need later on in life.


If the parent is punishing the child because they want to do things by theirselves, they will feel guilty and will feel ashamed. They will not be able to know what is self-control.


I think this is where they got the idea of an individual having inferiority complex. They are the ones who feel like they are not enough. That they are not worthy of something. They are often have low self-esteem and feels insecure.

Role Confusion

This happens when an individual was influenced by peers or the society. They are having a hard time finding out who they really are. They often feel lost or they do not know what they want in life.


Isolating from other people and not having connection with anyone is depressing. They cannot feel any type of intimacy. They cannot establish being open to other people.


This happens when an individual is having a hard time attaining their goals and connecting to others. sometimes they feel unmotivated or sometimes thay are frustrated because they cannot obtain their their personal goals. They also feel bored that results to them engaging to foolish or childlike ways.


When they look back and all they see is regret, they feel despair. They feel like they are a failure or a disappointment.


Hope is developed when the mother and the child had established good mother and daughter relationship.


They develop their self-esteem whenever we let make decisions. They can prove that they have will power. Even though it is simply as them choosing what they want to wear.


Having initiative means having a goal which serves as a purpose. We do things for a reason. We may react differently or for some unacceptable, but in the end we all have our reasons.


Being competent means doing something successfully. This helps us not to be a mediocre later on in life. That we should always strive in life. That we should always give our best in doing something.


Fidelity means they were able to overcome and accept the changes in their body and also accepting others without judgement. They accept and embrace the differences of everyone.


When a person is stable and does have good relationships in his/her waking life, they will develope love as their strength. They are full of love that they can give love back in return.


By being there for others we, they develop care and compassion for other individuals. They tend to give life advices that would help that individual in the future.


Wisdom is attained when an individual feels like they are accomplished their personal goals. Although they already feel like they've accomplished a lot at this age it is neccassary that they continue engaging in new experiences. This might be raising their grandchild or even trying out new things.

publish time: 2021-09-29
Beatrice Mary Antonette Rico

This is a mind map about understanding the self. Understanding the Self is a required subject in tertiary education's General Education Curriculum. Its purpose is to assist students in comprehending the concept of identity, as well as the elements that impact and shape human identity.

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