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12V 5Amp Power Supply Circuit

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Published on 2021-09-30
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Power Supply is the basic need for those who put their first step in electronics. With the help of a power supply, you can run your homemade constructions, your circuits, and your homemade appliances. Power supplies came in various output voltages such as 12v, 6v, 5v, etc. But here we are going to look over only 12v supply. The output current of this power supply is approx. 5Amp maximum. What is a 12v Power Supply? A Power Supply is a device that gives the constant voltage at the output. In a 12-volt power supply, we get only 12 volts constantly at the output. As it is a 12-volt 5-ampere power supply so it gives 5A at the output. Here we use an LM338 voltage regulator IC to take 12-volt output. Components Needed: 1) 6x 1n4007 Diode, 2) 15v, 5A Transformer, 3) 3300uf, 50v Capacitor, 4) 10uf, 25v Capacitor, 5) 100uf, 25v Capacitor, 6) 2k, 200Ohm Resistance, 7) LM338 Voltage Regulator, 8) 0.33uf Capacitor.
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