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5V To 3.7V Converter Circuit Diagram

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-09-30
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Suppose you have a 5-volt battery but at that instant, you need 3.7 volts to check any of your homemade constructions circuit then what would you Do? Don't worry this circuit is the solution to your problem here we create this circuit to convert 5v dc to direct 3.7v You can use this circuit in many ways such as for battery charging purposes, circuit testing purposes, and many more. What is this Circuit? This is a simple circuit that converts by volt dc to 3.7-volt dc directly. You are in the circuit we don't use any IC or Zener diode. We use three 1n4007 diodes in series and a transistor to maintain the output current. The Making Process of the circuit is very easy simply you need few components which you can found easily on old scrap circuits. The main application of this circuit is that you can use it for battery purposes. Components Needed: 1) 2n2907 Transistor 2) 3x1n4007 Diode 3) 6.8k Resistance 4) 1k Resistance
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