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LED Dimmer Circuit Diagram

Publish time:09-30-2021
LED is very useful nowadays. It provides bright light as well as consumes a very low amount of current. But sometimes we have to adjust the brightness of the LED and to do this we replace the higher voltage battery with the lower voltage battery. But sometimes we needed a dimmer circuit to increase and decrease the brightness of any led. So here we create a circuit of led dimmer by using a 555 timer IC. What is a Led Dimmer? LED dimmer is a device that helps us to increase and decrease the brightness of a power LED. Generally, it contains a potentiometer through which we can adjust the output voltage which affects the brightness of an LED. Sometimes we need a transistor sometimes we need a voltage regulator IC to do this process. But there we only need a 555 timer IC and some other components to create the circuit. Components Needed: 1) 555ic 2) 2x 1k Resistance 3) 2x 1n4007 Diode 4) 50k Potentiometer 5) irfz44n Mosfet 6) 100nf Capacitor
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