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1.5V Hearing Aid Circuit Diagram

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Published on 2021-09-30
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A Hearing Aid is a very useful device for those who have a problem listening to low voices. This Hearing Aid contains a small battery through which it is operated. Here we designed this 1.5 V Hearing Aid circuit. The circuit is very small and compact in size which means you can easily carry it and use it. What is a Hearing Aid? A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. This device is specially designed for people who have problems listening to low voices. This circuit can easily be operated by using the 1.5-volt battery. The components which we had used in this circuit are easily available. Components needed: 1) BC557 and BC547 Transistor 2) 2x 10k, 200k, 330k, 3.3ohm Resistance 3) 10uf Capacitor 4) Condenser Mic 5) Earphone piece
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