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6AMP Bridge Rectifier Circuit Diagram

Publish time:09-30-2021
As you all know that a bridge rectifier is a circuit through which you can convert the AC voltage is into DC voltages. There are many types of rectifier diodes that we have used in the making process of a bridge rectifier such as 1n4007, 1n5408, and many more. Through these rectifiers, you can take up to 3 amperes of current. But from the circuit of the bridge rectifier, you can take a maximum of 6 amperes of current. What is a Bridge Rectifier? The bridge rectifier is a set of 4 diodes that are connected in such a way that it's 2 and takes the AC voltages and its remaining to end give the DC voltages at the output. This is a 6 Ampere bridge rectifier which means through which you can easily connect the six a load at the output. The diode which we have used in this circuit is 6A4 Diode which is specially designed for 6-ampere load. Components Needed: 1) 4x 6A4 Diode 2) Filter Capacitor
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