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Bike Flasher Circuit Diagram

Publish time:09-30-2021
As you have seen in many bikes there are many led which flash for a short period of time which look very beautiful. The flashing principle of this led is the same as a 5 volt LED flasher circuit to have. Making the process of the circuit is very easy and the components which we have used in the circuit are easy to find anywhere. Through the circuit, you can flash your bike indicators and backlights. What is a bike-led flasher circuit? The principle of a bike LED flasher circuit is the same as a 5 volt LED blinking system has. But here we increase the value of transistors which can handle up to 12 volt and 1 ampere of current easily. So simply bike LED flasher circuit is a circuit that flashes the LED of a bike using 12 volts. You can easily flash the indicators and the backlight of any bike easily. Components Needed: 1) BC557 and BC547 Transistor 2) 47nf Capacitor 3) 2.2k, 3.9M, 2x 220ohm Resistance 4) 3x led
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