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Variable Power Supply With Volt And Amp Controller Diagram

Publish time:09-30-2021
If you are a beginner in electronics then the variable power supply is a very useful device for you to have through with you can easily the voltage as well as the ampere. With this power supply, you can also test your homemade construction circuits and your devices easily. The output current of this power supply existed by simply rotating a Potentiometer. What is a variable power supply? Variable power supply simple electronic device through which you can easily regulate the voltages as well as ampere. This power supply circuit has both voltage and current controlled potentiometer, simply you have to just rotate the potentiometer to control the voltage and current. This power supply can be regulated up to 40 volts and 10 amperes current maximum. Components Needed; 1) LM317 Voltage Regulator Ic 2) BD139, 2x TIP3055 Transistor 3) 220R, 1k, Resistance 4) 5k and 10k Potentiometer 5) 2X 0.10R 5W Resistance 6) 0.1uf Capacitor 7) 1000uf, 35v Capacitor
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