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Arduino Servo Sweep Circuit

Publish time:09-30-2021
Servo Motor is a very useful device that only works when a square wave signal you can generate square wave signal by using 555 timer IC but it doesn't give the stable signal. So that's why we always use Arduino with Servo Motor. But sometimes we have to test that our servo motor is working well or not. So we use Arduino to test it. But You might be thinking that what is Arduino? Don't worry Arduino is just a simple microcontroller that starts working when any command and programming is installed in it. Simply you have to program the Arduino for desired projects. Servo Motor is a type of motor which have low RPM and high torque. This motor doesn't rotate 360 degrees its shaft rotates according to the programming saved in Arduino. A servo motor has 3 pins, Two are positive and Negative And the last one is for signal. We connect the servo according to the diagram and also connect a potentiometer to rotate the servo. We don't forget to give 9v DC power supply to Arduino.
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