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Basic English I - Day 1 Assessment

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Published on 2021-09-30
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What we have here is a graphic organizer on two important R's in the English Language i.e. Reading and Writing. This specific diagram has two sequential charts. The first one is dedicated to the reading process. There are three steps involved here. The first step urges the student to preview and plan before reading the text, i.e. to be preactive. The second step involves being interactive and purposeful while reading. The final step is about reflecting on the text. The second sequential chart is devoted to the writing process. Five steps are involved while going through this process. The first step is about prewriting; brainstorming and carrying out research on the topic. The second step helps in drafting; organizing the ideas into written sentences and paragraphs. The fourth step is dedicated to revising the draft by rearranging the content and flow of the narrative. Next comes the editing process that involves correcting the spelling, punctuations, grammar, sentence construction, etc. Lastly, publish the final draft. Such sequential diagrams horn the analytical skills of the students and assist in assessment too.
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