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Agricultural Value Chain

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Published on 2021-09-30
Represented here is an agricultural Porter's value chain. There are seven sections on this diagram. From left to right, they are. Input supply is defined by the bullet points, design manufacture and distribution, seeds, fertilizer, irrigation and equipment. The next column has production; it is represented by planting, irrigation, growing, harvesting, negotiating, storing and transporting. Next, there is trading; it encompasses buying, quality grading, pricing, transporting, storing and light processing. The next column is warehousing; it is represented by quality grading, storing, monitoring and securing. Next, there is processing; it has under its definitions refining, packing and transporting. More to the right, there is wholesale/export, represented by transporting, managing supply chains, managing customs and selling to larger buyers. In the last column, there is retail; this is only represented by selling to consumers.
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