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Shopping Business Infographic

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Publish time:10-09-2021
Business Infographic
This visual infographic shows different shopping trends in the market. It uses different statistical artifacts to show the market trend of commodities. The first part may be used in how people shop in the supermarket. Each cart here may be dedicated to one kind of stuff in the market. For example, people shop for fresh food, frozen food, processed items, utensils, washing supplies and toiletries etc. The second and third part show cafes or malls or any other business place. They may show what percentage of customers go to what kind of shopping place. It may be used to describe the money spent in different facilities. The last part shows the breakdown of money spent by customers. The graphics here can be customized to show the contribution of different items in the money spent. Apart from the general expenditure, this infographics can also be used by the companies to show their expenses in the organization.
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