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Family Tree Example

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Published on 2021-10-15
A family tree, also called a genealogy or a pedigree chart, represents family relationships in a conventional tree structure. The below family tree example illustrates the life and family of Gideon Sanders and Prof. Sara Sanders. As per the below family tree chart example, Gideon and Sara gave birth to Florence Sanders, Chagit Sanders, and Cecil Sanders. Gideon is the son of Chris Sanders and Rosa Sanders. Sara is the daughter of Allan Rios and Pauline Rios, and so on. You can include more family members into the family tree, depending upon your requirement. EdrawMax Online is a free family tree maker that has over 25 million registered users. These Drawers constantly update the template library that lets you get inspiration while designing the family tree diagram. The free family tree diagrams designed in EdrawMax Online can later be exported in HTML, JPEG, or PNG files.
Family Tree
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