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Human Losses of World War Two by Country

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-10-19
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World War II cost the lives of millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their loved ones during the greatest war of all time. To understand how many people lost their lives, we created a horizontal chart showcasing each country and how many people lost their lives. As the below chart illustrates, Albania lost 30,000 people; Australia lost 40,000 people; Belgium lost 88,000; Brazil lost 2,000; China lost over 15 million, France lost 2,2 million; Germany lost 7.4 million lives, Hungary lost 800K people; Poland lost 6 million people; the Soviet Union lost over 27 million people; United States lost over 400K lives. Overall, 85 million people lost their lives during World War II that lasted from 1939 to 1945. Use EdrawMax Online to create the bar chart showcasing the human losses during the Second World War.
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