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Bar Chart | EdrawMax Template

Publish time:10-19-2021
Instead of creating a bar chart from scratch, you can use EdrawMax Online to create the chart diagrams. The free bar chart maker offers free chart templates that help in creating the diagrams. The following bar chart example showcases X-Axis and Y-Axis changes depending upon different months and years. 

1. What is a Bar Chart

It should be noted here that a bar chart shows the values of different categories of data as rectangular bars with different lengths. A histogram is a bar chart that shows how data is spread over its categories. It is another one-dimensional diagram, also known as a pillar diagram or column graph. 

Bar graphs and charts are used to visualize category data. Categorical data is the division of information into distinct categories, such as months of the year, age groups, shoe sizes, and animals. These are usually qualitative categories. Categories appear down the horizontal axis in a column bar chart, and the height of the bar corresponds to the value of each category.

2. The Bar Chart Example

When you need to demonstrate a distribution of data points or compare metric values across different subgroups of your data, a bar chart is employed. We can examine which groups are the most common or highest on a bar chart, as well as how other groups relate to one other. Bar charts are a common chart type because this is such a typical chore.

3. How to Create a Bar Chart

The bar chart is a simple and popular method to visualize data. It shows the comparison of one or more series of data points very effectively. Here is a guide to help create a bar chart easily with EdrawMax.

Step 1: Open EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online, and choose a template from the product or from Template Community;
Step 2: 
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