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Phylogenetic Tree Example

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Published on 2021-10-19
The below phylogenetic tree example shows the ancestors of common vertebrates, common jawed-vertebrates, common tetrapod, common amniote, and common mammal ancestors. The ancestor of all vertebrates, including fish, reptiles, and humans, was a big mouth but apparently had no anus. The microscopic creature named Saccorhytus, after the sack-like features created by its elliptical body and largemouth, lived 540 million years ago. With EdrawMax Online, you can create similar phylogenetic tree diagrams for your usage. The free phylogenetic tree maker offers tons of customization and has a good remote team collaboration. It should be noted here that a phylogenetic tree may change, for example, if new species are found and have to be included, or if new evidence shows that the species already 'in the tree' are related differently from that shown.
Phylogenetic Tree
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