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Publish time:10-22-2021
Halloween 2021 is on October 31st, Sunday, and people from all over the world will come together to celebrate the All Hallows' Eve. As the below food fact infographics suggest, there are 13 scary food facts that you should know about before Halloween. As shown in the below infographics, 50 percent of all antibiotics in the UK are given to farm animals, a 500ml bottle of flavored water can contain as much as 27g sugar - equal to about 7 tsp, 94 percent of chicken in the UK comes from intensively reared birds, not all beer is vegetarian as some beers are clarified through the dried swim bladders of fish, 85 percent of all soya globally is used in animal feeds - a major cause of deforestation, ⅓ of the food produced in the UK never gets eaten, eating a whole nutmeg can lead to death, mushrooms are more closely related to humans than they are to plants, 24 percent of UK supermarket chicken samples tested positive for antibiotics resistant e-coli, and a typical small UK supermarket chicken is cheaper than a pint of beer. Use EdrawMax Online to create similar food fact infographics.
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