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The Energy - Food Pyramid

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Published on 2021-10-29
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Present here is a dichotomous keys graphic organizer depicting the food-energy pyramid. The diagram is in the shape of a pyramid with five different tropic levels. At the bottom level of the pyramid Decomposers or Detritivores like fungi, bacteria and earthworms are located. On the first tropic level Producers like Cyanobacteria, Phytoplankton and Vegetabilia are located. On the second tropic level, Primary consumers or Herbivores are located. Herbivores eat producers. On the third tropic level, Secondary consumers or Carnivores are located. Carnivores eat Herbivores. On the fourth tropic level, Tertiary consumers or Carnivores are located. Here, Carnivores eat Carnivores. At the fifth or the top most tropic level Apex predators like alligators, eagle, humans and sharks are located. The pyramid is to be studied and understood from bottom to top. The diagram also explains transfer of energy i.e. 10% of energy harvested at a lower tropic level is transferred to the next higher tropic level. Each level is color coded for easier understanding. The entire concept of food pyramid and energy transfer can be effectively understood by utilizing such dichotomous keys graphic organizer.
pyramid diagram
Energy Pyramid
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