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Reflected Ceiling Plan Example

Publish time:10-29-2021
1. Introduction

Reflected ceiling plans for building plans usually indicate a layout for multi-storied buildings. Hence, they usually include stairs, elevators, etc. In some building plans, there may not be a mention of these constructions. Regardless, you will find symbols for an entrance. And for the connection of one room with another, there are symbols of doors. 

2. What is Reflected Ceiling Plan

A reflected ceiling plan essentially represents the items as seen from above the ceiling. Some of such items include luminaire ceiling mount, enclosed ceiling luminaire, ceiling fan, grille diffuser, multi-light bar, modal fluorescent, surface fluorescent light, etc. Outlets are named according to their shapes- rectangular outlets, circular outlets, linear outlets, etc. Which elements will be included in the ceiling plan depends on the type of building it is.

3. What Includes in a Reflected Ceiling Plan

A Reflected Ceiling Plan (or RCP) is a survey drawing that depicts things that are positioned in or on the ceiling.
Features that are decorative.
Vents in the ceiling.
There is air conditioning.
Signs directing you to the exit.
Fixtures for evacuating.
Sprinkler systems are a type of sprinkler system that is used to

3. How to Create a Reflected Ceiling Plan

Step 1: Understand your layout.
Make a scale drawing of the various rooms using either software or graph paper. Make sure to add things like cabinets, counters, a stove, a bed, and other symbols.

Step 2: Make a detailed plan ahead of time.
Focus on your electrical strategy after you've finished with your layout. Before being plastered, laid out, and fixed, the wirings pass through the ceilings, walls, and floor.

Step 3: Begin with the layout of the interior.
Place your fan, AC switches, and light around your exits and entries. Place your outlets close to the counters and tables now. Then select where you'll put your large equipment, such as your television, computer, washing machine, printer, and so on.

Step 4: Go over your strategy in detail.
Once you've finalized your layout, print it out and go around your house with it in your hands. Because there are no walls or power, the configuration is flexible; therefore, envision turning on and plugging in appliances. This will allow you to install switches and outlets in the most convenient locations.
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